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ceramic mug with groundhog day logo

Groundhog Day Mug

CafePress has a cool Groundhog Day mug just for you.

It takes lots of balloons to lift a house

It takes lots of balloons to lift a house

According to, it will take 9.4 million party balloons to lift Carl's house in the Pixar movie Up. On the other hand, Pete Docter of Pixar estimated Carl's house to be 1,800-square feet and needing 23.5 million party balloons to achieve liftoff fro real.

Floating balloons hanging from the ceiling

Discounted Balloons In Bulk

If you prefer to do your own arranging, order balloons in bulk. Floating balloons or balloons hanging from the ceiling offer a unique party experience. Each helium-filled balloon is tied with an eight foot ribbon streamer (seven foot-long once tied to the balloon).